The Best and Fastest Social Share Buttons Plugins for WordPress

Every blog needs at least one kind of social share plugin for social media share button, taking into account the overall popularity of social media and the continual struggle to stay at the top of search engine results list.

This is realized with the help of a so-called Social-Share-Plugin for WordPress.

The pertinent question then is which Social Media Buttons does a shrewd blogger/Internet content creator need and where on his page should he place them? Also, as a blogger you should decide which Social Media Channels should be linked to your page. And then there is the issue of data security which of course always plays an important role in our Cloud(ed) virtual world.

We would like to share with you our blogger experience and suggestions that you might find helpful. Of course there is no one magic solution for all kinds of blogs and websites with which the Internet is overflowing. Still after trying out a handful of plugins (and there are many) we’ve singled out this one.

The Social Media Button plugin of my choice is: Mashshare.

As an alternative we’ve chosen other plugins which you can find all about in the second part of this guide. But first, let me tell you about the two most important plugin features that you should pay attention to.

Loading time – The fastest Social Media Button Plugin

Apart from good functionality and quality presentation of the Social Media Button for me a very important feature was loading time of the appropriate button. I say this because with the Standard Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and perhaps Pinterest or the like, in a jiffy there are another 20-50 HTTP requests, and performance-wise that is not good for your blog or webpage.

Data security – ‘tripping hazard’ for Social Media Buttons

When you use Standard Buttons like Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest you are integrating a foreign JavaScript and it can collect at least a small portion of user data. The underlying problem is, even when the user doesn’t have any accounts on Facebook, Google or Twitter social platform, or doesn’t even want to use the share buttons at all, the browser is nevertheless sending out personal data like IP address or Cookies information.

Recommendation: Mashshare – the best share buttons for WordPress

The Share buttons load extremely fast and don’t take up from the total loading time of your website. Besides, the buttons are effectively responsive and this also in combination with a Caching-Plugin, which is unfortunately not the case with Easy Social Share Buttons.


  • Great Sharebar which is static and shown right at the top or bottom of the page
  • Fast loading time and in line with data security practices
    Wide range of options for positioning and design
  • Great variety of Social Networks and services
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Real-Time Page view Counter
  • (Possible) Fake Share count
  • URL shortening
  • Select and share option when a piece of text is marked
  • Video Post pop-up at the end of a video or article
  • Broad statistical analysis

Price: Of course, you can’t get everything for free and I think Mashshare is worth the money. A standard license for one website will cost you 39 EUR, up till three web pages 89 EUR, and the Developer (Pro) Version supporting several pages is 199 EUR. The Lifetime version with unlimited Updates and Support costs 339 EUR.

What more is on the Social Share Plugins market?

Social Warfare is one of the most impressive plugins that we’ve come upon recently. Some users report up to 300 percent increase in social shares when using this plugin. One of the features that puts Social Warfare way ahead the competition is that you can upload Pinterest images and descriptions. If you use the standard ‘pin’ button the images are not the right size but this is not the case when using Social Warfare. Next, this plugin allows you to merge tweetable quote boxes with your content. Price: 21 EUR/year.

Another favorite that we couldn’t leave out from this list is SumoMe. Some of your favorite websites are powered by SumoMe (Airbnb, The Chive …) and it is not coincidentally that these are giants in the Internet world. Namely, SumoMe is a suite of apps that help you grow your traffic. One of them is the Share app, and conveniently, a separate Image Sharer. Price: Free.

Shareholic is a classic among WordPress social plugins. After a somewhat modest beginning in 2009, Shareholic has become the leading engagement and amplification platform and it prides itself on 300 000 websites (BBC, Mashable, PC World…). What I found especially appealing is that you can change how your social sharing buttons look and make them more eye-catching. Price: Free (but you’ll have tolerate an unwanted advertisement or two).

It can’t get any more simple and straightforward than Simple Share Buttons Adder. As its name says, it adds Social Media Share Buttons to all your posts, and easy! Like many of bloggers and Internet content creators out there sometimes I just need to add this option to my posts and that is it. In line with their moto ‘keeping sharing simple’ turn to Simple Share Buttons Adder if you are looking for simple, reliable, fast (and cheap) solutions. Price: Free.

WP Social Sharing is also another WordPress plugin that keeps things simple and clean. You can add Social Media Share Buttons to 6 main social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Xing). These buttons can appear on your pages, posts, and media. Also you can choose the option when these buttons are automatically displayed. Price: Free.

Lastly, I’ll leave you a couple more Social Media Share Buttons that are worth your attention: Custom Share Buttons With Floating Sidebar, AddToAny, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

p.s. If you choose one of our websites, you don’t have to worry about plugins. We’ve created and optimised them for the best performance. Check out our Theme Forest profile and our favourite theme: Candy Queen


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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Website Theme for Your Business

Nowadays most of business conversations start with “look me up at” and that’s fine. The internet’s made it possible for the information flow to be as accessible as we need it, with virtually all the needed and required data just a click away.

The exciting thing about a business presentation is that it allows your creativity to blossom through design and visuals that come with your business appearance. There are plenty of ways to channel and deliver your business data, yet one of the most commonly exercised one is through a website, and believe it or not, most often it’s a WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are so amazing that you can switch up the look and feel of your site easily, whether you are just tweaking your existing theme or you are in the mood for changing the look entirely.  In case you are wondering whether any of the design customizations will affect your content – it won’t – it just changes the way it looks on the page. Also, no matter what theme you use, the process of changing themes is always the same as is the way to create pages, widgets, posts, etc, or the way you manage your site.  These features and plenty others we’ll be discussing in depth are what makes WordPress a fantastic choice for most independent business owners over any other platform.

Here are some insights and answers to most commonly asked questions that will help you understand the way WordPress functions and will hopefully help you choose the right theme for you.

Do I have to pay for the theme?

If you are serious business, cheaping out on your theme is not the way to build your reputation. Still, the answer to your question is that there are both free and premium (paid) themes. So, if you are just starting out and your budget is thin, yes – you can start with a great free theme.

If you do have a budget (the themes, by the way, don’t even cost much, ours are less than 50$), we’d always recommend opting for the premium one as those are not only better design-wise but are also being kept up to date by a dedicated development team which deals with new WordPress core features, addresses security issues and manages other things ‘web’ that change over time. Look at it as an investment in your business, not a cost or a spread.

How do I know if the theme is good for me?

There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the right theme for your business:

Is the theme backed by a solid development team and does it have good support?

Most free themes have either an inconsistent support or they don’t offer support at all which is why the best way to start off a successful business is to purchase a premium theme. Developer street credit is easy to check in the About Us section. Also, make sure you do a search for reviews for the theme. Once you do, keep a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check the dates on the reviews as some of them may be REALLY outdated; due to a rather quick changes in themes and theme support reading anything older than the last 6 months or so has no point, really
  • Some reviews are by affiliates who get a commission if they write a super sparkly review on a theme
  • When you see too many of “this is my favorite theme” in a review section, be sure the comments are staged and the theme is probably garbage. Not necessarily though, but it’s something to watch out for
Does the theme provide good SEO options?

Everyone knows the way you do your SEO is pretty much a determinant how trending you are going to get on the internet. The reason we cheered you on for the premium theme is that most of them have excellent SEO options which are not only built in for you to use but are also ‘coded’ in such a way that the search engines find them easy to work with.

Does the theme look close to what you want your site to look like?

Buying a theme (or choosing a free one) just for the theme sake is wrong. You need to opt for a theme that will look like or at least be similar to the design you have envisioned for your business because additional customization to get it looking decent is going to do you no favour. So, make sure you check what customizations come with the theme by default; gathering all the information will help limit the extend work you’d potentially need to do on your theme. If, say, you opt for a theme that’s limited with regard to colors and fonts, you’ll be stuck without knowing how to use CSS (the ‘code’ used to style the site) or PHP (which ‘codes’ the functionality and the layouts and page templates, etc.). In cases where you are unsure if the theme you like is the right for you, ask the sales team to help out.

Is the cost in your price range?

Most high quality premium themes run in the range of $40 to $80 or even more. For a fully designed website, that’s not a lot.

Are the themes a one-time charge or are there annual renewal fees?

Annual commitment to a theme is not really an exciting choice, but they allow the developer to continue developing and supporting the product. We would advise against.

Is the theme ‘responsive’?

With most premium themes, built-in ‘responsive’ styling is pretty much a given since the explosive growth in the use of smart phones and tablets is ever-present. However, if there’s something you don’t understand about a theme, make sure you ask the salesperson.

Have you got any suggestions on the best themes?

Given that each client will have different requirements to consider, various themes are there for grabs. If you’ve read through the questions above, you’ll have a solid idea of the type of theme may be the best for you, but we do have some cool options as well.

If you have a female oriented business the best option is Candy Queen, and for a simple, yet elegant theme, take a look at Zen. Feel free to visit our profile on themeforest and check our recommendations and some template options as well.

WordPress really offers an amazing array of options and for everyone who is realistic about their “out of the box” engagement as well as about their technical skills, WordPress will have the best solutions with very little or no problems in the long run.

Did you know that WordPress 4.4 is out now? Read more about its cool innovations and must-have plugins.

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Must-have WordPress Plug-ins for WordPress 4.4

Your future customer/user is a visual being, just like you are – and, no matter the offer you’ve got, if it doesn’t come with a stimulating design and lacks some of the most important functionalities, you’ll pretty much get nowhere. This is why, opting for the perfect internet tool to charm your visitors into staying is the key to success! WordPress is that one powerful tool that will help you create a website worthy of the customers’ attention and their further interest into your business offer.

Given that WordPress can’t really offer everything you’ve got planned out in your head, getting the right design you were after might pose as a bit challenging. When you think about it, though – the advantage of WordPress is that it comes with some unlimited plugins to extend and enhance the functionality of the website and help your site gain the popularity it needs.

As if WordPress wasn’t amazing as it is, the new even more awesome version of it came in WordPress 4.4 edition.

WordPress 4.4 brings a new default theme called Twenty Sixteen and it is described as “a modern take on a classic blog design.” Just like most themes nowadays, it was built to look great on any device which basically means it prides on flexible header, a fluid grid design, “fun” color schemes, etc.

What happens to be the first real big improvement is responsive imaging; with this new improvement, your engagement in having to make any modifications to your theme are reduced to a minimum as WordPress is now smarter at displaying appropriate image sizes on any device.

Another super exciting feature of the new WordPress is that embedding your posts on other WordPress sites is now possible, similarly like embedding most media content. All it takes is dropping the post’s URL into the editor and you’ll be immediately getting the embed preview (in Visual mode) all completed with the title, excerpt, site icon, featured image, and links for comments and sharing.

Nothing huge, but still significant – WordPress 4.4 has also introduced support for five new oEmbed providers: Reddit Comments, Cloudup, Speaker Deck, ReverbNation, and VideoPress. Pretty great, right?

Some of the under-the-hood improvements are also evident, such as:

REST API infrastructure: This one has been integrated into core, making it easy for developers to build and extend RESTful APIs on top of WordPress. Inclusion of core endpoints is envisioned for an upcoming release.

Term meta: Metadata is now supported by terms, just like posts. See add_term_meta(), get_term_meta(), and update_term_meta() to get more information.

Comment query improvements: Cache handling are now added to comment queries in order to improve performance. Crafting robust comment queries is now simpler due to new arguments in WP_Comment_Query.

Term, comment, and network objects: Interacting with networks, terms and comments is made more predictable and intuitive with the introduction of New WP_Term, WP_Comment, and WP_Network objects.

In a quick overview, we’ll touch upon the existing plugins of WordPress that you’ll definitely need:

Akismet: Allows for audience’s comments, but not just that – it successfully differentiates genuine and fake comments, which are pretty common these days. With this feature available, you can be sure that not just your content provides value to the reader.

Jetpack: Offers a wide range of features from user retention to security to content; further, it enables easy personalization of your website, adding themes and security logins implementation, managing the content and posts, analyzing performance of your blog and getting familiar with the user retention. You can disable the features which you don’t require to avoid the site becoming “too heavy”.

Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration: Simplifies the experience of keeping the backup of your website proper. The plug in helps backing up the data into a cloud, both manually and in a scheduled manner through just a single click.

Wordfence security: Safeguards your data form the prying eyes of the hackers, eliminates all malware and consequently and gradually speeds up your website. Premium services like Scheduled Scans, Country Blocking, and Password Auditing through the premium version of the plugin make the process even easier.

WooCommerce: A must-have plugin for everyone who is who is planning to make an e-commerce store. It provides some essential features like sales and review reports, PayPal integration, handy inventory management, easy submission of coupons, and shipping methods.

For all of you WordPress junkies, the even newer version 4.5 is scheduled for next year and is already in the works. We still don’t have a specified month for its release, but we’ll wait as long as we need!

We here at Mage Themes are dedicated to creating great themes for you. You can view them here. Looking forward to your feedback.

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Why use Candy Queen if You are a Business Oriented Towards Women

Owning a business, being your own boss, pulling all the shots yourself and being amazingly successful is virtually every person’s dream – and to think you are living this dream is beyond awe-inspiring! But you need to know your customers and if your customers are women, then you need to read this article.

In this post, we want to focus on something that will help you increase your business success even further. It’s helped us and we are sure it will help you, that is – if your business has a womanly touch to it.

You (just as we all do) know that even though you are finally in charge of your business successes, you are still expected to be a magician who profitably runs a company and take care of the family with the same commitment and passion. It’s hard, it’s definitely hard but with the help of good people and quality people in both your business and home, it is possible to have it all!

Why does my business need a gender specific internet presentation?

Becoming the talk of the internet, at least in the sphere your business is in, requires a few smart moves, one of which is definitely your web appearance.

The way you organize your web site, the theme you use as well as the approach you have to the viewers can either make or break your business, internet-wise. With the hectic lives we live, it’s important to be concise, visually tempting and easy to reach. While your regular customers know where you are and what you’ve got to offer, you can’t rely on word of mouth marketing only. Like it or not, to succeed, you need to have that in-your-face approach, particularly on the internet. To address those needs, we created Candy Queen.

What is this Candy Queen theme and why should I want it?

Whether you are a hair salon, boutique, beauty parlour, massage chain, stylist, florist design studio, pastry expert, chef, party/wedding planner or any other chic and womanly/girly business, this WordPress theme is the way to go.

Many have discovered it by browsing through other Themeforest themes when a friend of a friend of a friend told them about how amazing design solutions can be found there. Guess what? They weren’t wrong!

The reason why we are still head over heels with this theme is because it is sophisticated, chic, happy and easy to use and navigate. It oozes the sophistication every serious business must possess while at the same time keeping the overall vibe subtle, girly and effective.

You can preview it here

Remember this – the more simple a design is, the more people it’ll attract.

Nobody wants to get caught up in millions of button-and-navigation directions when they can get all the information needed quickly and with just a few clicks. Now, don’t think a simple theme is a boring one, far from it! Take a look at the Candy Queen preview and you’ll see what we mean.

Ok, I see why it’s awesome – but do I have to go pink?

Not all girls/women love pink, understandably; not everyone associates feminine vibes with shades of this color, either. This is why we made it super easy for the owner of the theme to customize it and add a personal touch to the color choice – they have 3 color schemes prepared, but the layered PSD files, including PSD files of sprites, and SASS files provided allow for modifications and customizations after your own sensibility and likeness. We’ve linked the theme options HERE, so don’t be lazy and take a look to get more information.

Is presentation more important than content itself?

We want to say “no” but we are leaning towards “yes”. Let’s say both matter equally but have in mind that we are all visual creatures and the pressure of our lives doesn’t really give us much time to read through lengthy posts describing a business. You need a presentation that’s simple, clean, to the point but at the same time interesting, provoking and cheerful. Take it like this: first impressions in real life are equivalent to presentations on the internet. Just as the way you are dressed and the way you shake your business partner’s hand will tell much about you and your business, so will your web presentation (to the visitor): it’s what makes the visitor decide whether or not to consume the content in the first place.

Here’s our advice

Depending on the way you are running your business as well as the style you want to pin to it, the theme you chose for your web presentation will determine the future of your internet presence. If you like Candy Queen, you can purchase it here.

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10 best website copy examples for an event website

If you are living in the 21st century and you are an entrepreneur, then you perfectly understand the pressure of staying visible, trending and evident in your business arena of choice.

Regardless of the work you are doing, the constant demand and growing need for effective copywriting is not only evident but painfully tough. The copy you opt for is supposed to both attract visitors and convert them into customers while at the same keep the existing customers happy and content.

For your brand to break through the clutter of competition, be unique and distinctly creative, the use of compelling headlines and witty taglines is an absolute must; becoming memorable is the quality of the great and with creative thinking and committed work such a goal is reachable for virtually anyone.

However, when it comes to copy – not everything is about the word sequence; plenty of successfully event website copy solutions have much to do with the stylistic presentation of what you are offering. This is why you need to be just as creative (sometimes even more) with your design as you are with your words.

How do I make my event website a success?

It is slightly awkward to talk about originality in a world that’s pretty much seen it all – however, originality is the first step to your success. You want to be fresh, exciting and attention-drawing. If you are lacking ideas, there is always space for new approaches to the already seen presentations as long as you are quick and honest in your advance. No, we are not talking about stealing – we are talking about using an idea as inspiration for your own copy, not its base.

For the event to be successful, the audience needs to be convinced in the value of your offer. The goal of your website event presentation/copy is to make the visitors hungry for more information while at the same time being clear on what they are being offered. Have them excited for your event by teasing their expectations. For instance, consider the difference between “Sales Seminar” and “Explode Your Commission Check!” Which of the two opening lines do you think would draw more attention? The second one of course! And why? The excitement evident in the second copy is relatable to anyone who is looking to gain a particular benefit. Once they understand they will gain it by attending your conference, there is no doubt they’ll show up!

What details do I include in the web pamphlet copy?

The strongest points of your event title should be thoroughly laid out in the copy itself. The attendees need to be sure of the reason they are attending, they need to know what they’ll learn and who the people supposed to attend the event you are throwing are. Consider including subsections (although, you don’t have to) with phrases “Who should attend?”, “What will I learn at this event?” and “Why should I come?” – these and alike questions will directly address registrant concerns and get your attendants interested.

Is design presentation important?

It absolutely is and you need to play by your target audience’s expectations if you are looking to score with your copy solutions. Pay attention to color, format, and overall compatibility with your audience’s age. Humor also plays a huge role, so use it to win people over.

We have created a great event themed landing page that you can view here, which could help you create a cool website that will top your attendees’ expectations when paired with effective copy we’ve featured below.  If you like it, you can purchase it here.

We are giving you 10 of our favorite copy event successes we believe will definitely inspire you!

1. Festival of Dangerous Ideas


If you ever wondered what it looks like to get 10/10 when it comes to the right artwork, this is it! The better the visual impact, the more people will get interested. This copy is all about utility as well which is evident in the fact that Twitter profile has been given prominence to keep the conversation going! With the speakers laid out in almost a perfect order of “performance”, it is clear everything is super organized at this event.

2. Barcamp Omaha 2012

Barcamp Omaha

The un-orthodox mystique of this add is giving it just what every great copy needs – the immense interest and excitement, suggesting that Barcamp is not our typical conference. A very open format encourages networking and relationships. Awesome!

3. Festival Mundo 2012


Nope, you are not going to Space camp! When you see this beautiful piece of copy you probably won’t even notice the language of it but only its delightful web design. Jokes aside, if you take a closer look at it, despite the language barrier, you’ll understand it’s a festival of film, music and fine arts.

4. Image Festival Rotterdam


Oh, is this another fashion blog? No, no it isn’t – it’s just an image festival whose copy designers have used a very creative approach with! Isn’t it cute? Despite the fact it’s ended some time ago, you are still to see some of the work produced at such an event. Super cute!

5. Awakenings


It’s always amazing to witness the power of visual impact on a person! Putting up a photo that oozes great energy and atmosphere as the background of a musical event copy is the best possible step you can make. It may seem a bit “old” an approach, but it’s proven super effective. And there is no mistake there – everyone will know what they are signing in for, and if you opt for a photo intriguing enough – a bunch of people will definitely come!

6. World Alzheimer’s Day


Simple and to the point. We are in love with it. This is a perfect example of a web copy that shows how simplicity can sometimes say more than an overelaborated design.

7. Greenbelt Festival


A pretty un-orthodox site with an un-orthodox story. The event is a combination of faith, justice, music and arts and it has been a one-of-a-kind event for some time now. Individuals from different places love it and the website alone presents the complete information about the event.

8. Outlook Festival


Using a large image like this instead of a standard profile picture square has a really great impact, doesn’t it? We think it hits the point!

9. W.A.S.P


Simplicity! Simplicity! Simplicity! It’s slick, it’s edgy, it’s effective – what’s there not to love?

10. X Music Festival Cardiff


Yet another music festival with yet another photo of an awesome crowd in the back. The ‘what you see, is what you get’ vibe is evident, yet as awesome as ever. Don’t you feel like dancing now? ‘Cause we do! Hence, the web copy succeeded!

When coming up with the perfect event web copy, try to think out of the box – aim at your target audience but make sure you challenge (all) their senses – you want them interested, captivated and thrilled about what they are about to experience!

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