10 best website copy examples for an event website

If you are living in the 21st century and you are an entrepreneur, then you perfectly understand the pressure of staying visible, trending and evident in your business arena of choice.

Regardless of the work you are doing, the constant demand and growing need for effective copywriting is not only evident but painfully tough. The copy you opt for is supposed to both attract visitors and convert them into customers while at the same keep the existing customers happy and content.

For your brand to break through the clutter of competition, be unique and distinctly creative, the use of compelling headlines and witty taglines is an absolute must; becoming memorable is the quality of the great and with creative thinking and committed work such a goal is reachable for virtually anyone.

However, when it comes to copy – not everything is about the word sequence; plenty of successfully event website copy solutions have much to do with the stylistic presentation of what you are offering. This is why you need to be just as creative (sometimes even more) with your design as you are with your words.

How do I make my event website a success?

It is slightly awkward to talk about originality in a world that’s pretty much seen it all – however, originality is the first step to your success. You want to be fresh, exciting and attention-drawing. If you are lacking ideas, there is always space for new approaches to the already seen presentations as long as you are quick and honest in your advance. No, we are not talking about stealing – we are talking about using an idea as inspiration for your own copy, not its base.

For the event to be successful, the audience needs to be convinced in the value of your offer. The goal of your website event presentation/copy is to make the visitors hungry for more information while at the same time being clear on what they are being offered. Have them excited for your event by teasing their expectations. For instance, consider the difference between “Sales Seminar” and “Explode Your Commission Check!” Which of the two opening lines do you think would draw more attention? The second one of course! And why? The excitement evident in the second copy is relatable to anyone who is looking to gain a particular benefit. Once they understand they will gain it by attending your conference, there is no doubt they’ll show up!

What details do I include in the web pamphlet copy?

The strongest points of your event title should be thoroughly laid out in the copy itself. The attendees need to be sure of the reason they are attending, they need to know what they’ll learn and who the people supposed to attend the event you are throwing are. Consider including subsections (although, you don’t have to) with phrases “Who should attend?”, “What will I learn at this event?” and “Why should I come?” – these and alike questions will directly address registrant concerns and get your attendants interested.

Is design presentation important?

It absolutely is and you need to play by your target audience’s expectations if you are looking to score with your copy solutions. Pay attention to color, format, and overall compatibility with your audience’s age. Humor also plays a huge role, so use it to win people over.

We have created a great event themed landing page that you can view here, which could help you create a cool website that will top your attendees’ expectations when paired with effective copy we’ve featured below.  If you like it, you can purchase it here.

We are giving you 10 of our favorite copy event successes we believe will definitely inspire you!

1. Festival of Dangerous Ideas


If you ever wondered what it looks like to get 10/10 when it comes to the right artwork, this is it! The better the visual impact, the more people will get interested. This copy is all about utility as well which is evident in the fact that Twitter profile has been given prominence to keep the conversation going! With the speakers laid out in almost a perfect order of “performance”, it is clear everything is super organized at this event.

2. Barcamp Omaha 2012

Barcamp Omaha

The un-orthodox mystique of this add is giving it just what every great copy needs – the immense interest and excitement, suggesting that Barcamp is not our typical conference. A very open format encourages networking and relationships. Awesome!

3. Festival Mundo 2012


Nope, you are not going to Space camp! When you see this beautiful piece of copy you probably won’t even notice the language of it but only its delightful web design. Jokes aside, if you take a closer look at it, despite the language barrier, you’ll understand it’s a festival of film, music and fine arts.

4. Image Festival Rotterdam


Oh, is this another fashion blog? No, no it isn’t – it’s just an image festival whose copy designers have used a very creative approach with! Isn’t it cute? Despite the fact it’s ended some time ago, you are still to see some of the work produced at such an event. Super cute!

5. Awakenings


It’s always amazing to witness the power of visual impact on a person! Putting up a photo that oozes great energy and atmosphere as the background of a musical event copy is the best possible step you can make. It may seem a bit “old” an approach, but it’s proven super effective. And there is no mistake there – everyone will know what they are signing in for, and if you opt for a photo intriguing enough – a bunch of people will definitely come!

6. World Alzheimer’s Day


Simple and to the point. We are in love with it. This is a perfect example of a web copy that shows how simplicity can sometimes say more than an overelaborated design.

7. Greenbelt Festival


A pretty un-orthodox site with an un-orthodox story. The event is a combination of faith, justice, music and arts and it has been a one-of-a-kind event for some time now. Individuals from different places love it and the website alone presents the complete information about the event.

8. Outlook Festival


Using a large image like this instead of a standard profile picture square has a really great impact, doesn’t it? We think it hits the point!

9. W.A.S.P


Simplicity! Simplicity! Simplicity! It’s slick, it’s edgy, it’s effective – what’s there not to love?

10. X Music Festival Cardiff


Yet another music festival with yet another photo of an awesome crowd in the back. The ‘what you see, is what you get’ vibe is evident, yet as awesome as ever. Don’t you feel like dancing now? ‘Cause we do! Hence, the web copy succeeded!

When coming up with the perfect event web copy, try to think out of the box – aim at your target audience but make sure you challenge (all) their senses – you want them interested, captivated and thrilled about what they are about to experience!

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