4 Rules Of Writing Website Copy

Only 20% of your readers will read your website copy.

They might think it is too long, they might lose interest while they’re reading it, or they just might not like your layout on the website.

Whatever it is, you need to make sure it doesn’t happen with your “money pages” a.k.a. your product page or your “request a free demo” page.

Concise, clear and effective web copy can make a world of difference when it comes to your website copy. The results of a good web copy is seen in raised visibility of your web site and increased attention of people who attend it.

Conversion rate is definitely the most valuable thing stemming from a quality web copy.

Although it seems simple, inadequate web copy can pose significant challenges and lead you to stray into the domain of over complicated and inefficient. However, if you follow these few simple rules you’ll stay on the path of good and effective web copy.

Don’t copy paste your catalogue

One of the initial mistakes related to early web copy is the fact that most of the companies would simple copy-paste their booklets, pamphlets and brochures resulting in content that was close packed and unintelligible. You don’t print your website, so why would you put the copy from a brochure on your website?

Good thing that comes with having a themed website is that there is no wiggle room when it comes to copy. For example, here’s our newest template:Paws

Friendly Paws template is perfect for website copy placement for pet shops

You can see it here  and if you have a need for a similar website theme, feel free to use this as a perfect layout, we’ve tested it.

Brevity is the soul of wit (of website copy too)

As Shakespeare aptly put it- don’t waste your visitors’ time! Keep it nice and simple, three hundred words more less will do the trick. In that way your visitors won’t have to endlessly scroll to get the point, i.e. to the part of the page where they can make the purchase. When they look at web page they need to get the answer to the questions like- What is this actually about? How can this be of assistance or benefit to me?

A great example is our theme Candy Queen

Candy Queen template is perfect for website copy placement

You can see how the services page is laid out and structured and that we really practice what we preach.

Be idiot proof

Apart from being concise, your website copy has to be easy to comprehend given the wast quantity of data. You need to get ahead of your competition by providing your customers with easy to understand content, which will in turn create a “halo” effect resulting in recurrent visits to your website. These are few tricks on how to achieve that effect:

  • Limit the number of words in description section, preferable twenty to thirty
  • Use plain narrative which is easy to understand and memorize
  • Insert headings
  • Add bullets and lists

So call me maybe

Last but not least, very important element of a good web copy is the contact info section. Having that in mind, clearly display contact info i.e. email, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram link or telephone number, enabling easy and quick contact to your customers.

Written by Mage themes staff, a group of very dedicated designers and developers behind some great templates such as Paws and Event, and themes such as Zen  and Candy Queen, just sharing their knowledge in the articles on this blog.

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