How Do You Customise a Template To Make It Your Own?

It’s easy, you need to subtly show your brand in the design.


First, let us define how you communicate your brand. You do that with a logo, a slogan and a mascot (if you have all three, great, if not, you most certainly have a logo and a slogan).

Rule No1: Your website image should be inspired by your brand name.

We’ll take our template Candy Queen as an example. Candy Queen is a one-page wordpress theme and a template as well, that you can view here in full. To support our claims, we’ll insert a screenshot of the above the fold part. As you see, the image for the Candy Queen are cupcakes, subtle sweets that associate candy. Also you see the circle motive all around the theme that associates both cupcakes and sweets, and a lovely pink colour ( the theme is also available in blue and lavender, but we’ve noted down pink to prove a point)

Candy Queen Responsive Multi Purpose OnePage WordPress Theme WordPress ThemeForest

Rule No2: Draw your business into the design.

Our other template, Paws, created for animal friendly hotels and/or boarding houses has a different approach. The design is created to mimic wallpaper and also tiles, so that a viewer would be able to guess which type of business it is before reading the copy (or if they don’t speak the language at all).

Paws Friendly Animal Hotel HTML Template Site Templates ThemeForest

Rule No3: Draw your slogan

Whether your slogan is ” Run Forest, run”, “Just do it” or “The world’s biggest base of nothing”, it still needs to be communicated through design. It’s tricky when you’re buying a template as you already have a lot of things pre-defined, but not that tricky. You can always change images, and many of the templates come in a huge variety of colours, so just pick the closest one.

There you go, even on a small budget, you now can take a template, follow these simple advice and have a completely adjusted website to your brand.



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