Feminine Website Design Dos and Don’ts

Adjusting your website to fit your target audience is nothing new. The big challenge is when you are creating your website from a wordpress theme with a masculine or a feminine theme. There are no themes that can be used for both flower and car blogs, and you must be aware of that difference. We created a feminine wordpress theme called Candy Queen and we can share with you the next steps to follow when creating a feminine website.

Do use soft and warm colours

When creating a feminine theme, the colours you choose are of utmost importance. They need to be bright and cheerful. Pink is of course the first choice, but also bright blue, orange, yellow, lime green and silver. The best background is, of course, white and red is great for call to action buttons. Use red only if it’s a part of your logo. For example, could you imagine Coca Cola’s website not to be red?


Which one seems more feminine?

Don’t use black and grey tones (except silver)

Black is elegant, but not perceived as feminine. We would describe it as rather masculine and serious. Grey has the same effect. You can add these colours to your theme, just make sure that compared to other, more feminine, colours they are in the 10% ratio.

Do use scripted or handwritten fonts

There is a trend among designers to use fonts like Roboto or Calibri on a website, or Serif or Sans Serif. While these are great fonts, for a more feminine feel use elegant or script style fonts in combination.

Here is a list of Google Webfonts we like, and we think would work.

Please note that the text should be in a neutral font such as Arial to avoid cluttered look.

Don’t use one font for the whole website

Uniformity is a characteristic of masculine and business themed websites. While very user friendly and clean, it does not have that soft touch and feminine feel.

Do use patterned visual elements

Whether it is a floral decoration, or a cute dot pattern, there is something about patterns that adds that soft touch and feminine feel to a website.

Do choose stock images carefully

This is a no brainer. Images for your website must be chosen and styled appropriately, but note that we’ve said be careful with stock images. If you are using stock images for your blog posts or any other page of your website be careful because even though women like baby animals and cute photos that give out this “fuzzy” feel, when you are targeting businesswomen, that is a big mistake.

One thing is sure. Whichever photo you choose, make sure that the subject on the photo is looking at the camera. This creates an engaging feel with women especially and facilitates an almost-emotional connection that could do wonders for your brand and your product.

Don’t Spend much on a website theme

If you opt for a wordpress website theme, you don’t need to spend big bucks to have an amazing website. There are a lot of them that you can choose from. Check out our solution, Candy Queen that only costs 43$. You can purchase it here.

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