How Do You Best Present Your Business in the About Us Part?

Given that the About Us section is the first thing that one will almost instinctively read when visiting your website, it is vital that you get it right. What’s great is that this is a place where you can craftily praise your company, informing the client/consumer about what you have successfully offered others and how they too can benefit from your services. Essentially, this is a place where you can effectively inform about your success rate and can gain the trust of your potential clientele.

There are certain things to consider when presenting your company in this part of your website.

Is your objective clear?

Clearly communicating your objectives will engage the reader and encourage them to take you seriously.

Is it brief yet concise?

Be informative but don’t drone on. People want to know but they do not want to get bored. Too much text is a turnoff. Better short and sweet, but attention grabbing and reassuring. You never want to exhaust the reader but you still want the piece to be explanatory and factual.

Is the layout easily readable?

Make sure there is enough spacing, don’t cram information together.

Are you being honest?

It is of utmost importance that you present your company honestly. You want to highlight the strongest aspects of your business and why you are a good choice for the service that the client/consumer requires, but you don’t want to falsely represent yourself and leave people disappointed.

Are you being accessible?

It would be good to use this area to allow the reader to familiarize themselves and become more intimate with your business, providing them with background information such as how long its been around, when and how it was established and where it is located. This will help people understand, believe and appreciate how you know what you know. Additionally, use the opportunity to highlight the direction the company aims to go in i.e. its long-term goals and mission. Everyone respects a company that is striving for innovation and growth.

What are you offering?

How to best present yourself in the About Us part also depends on what it is that your company is offering. Don’t make it all about yourself but make sure that it is clear what it is that your company represents. Don’t get sidetracked or carried away by with too much appraisal, you don’t want to seem like you’re showing off or come across as desperate, instead you want to assure the reader about how professional and serious you are about your line of work.

Our Advice

Internal linking

For convenience sake, adding a link to your contact is also a good idea, making it easy for the person visiting your website to immediately approach you and not have to sift through the rest of your website to find details on how to do so.

Type Websites

We are very proud of  Candy Queen, our wordpress theme, and Event html template. When designing these two options for your website, we especially though about the about us section. For Candy Queen, we’ve introduced the portfolio option and for Event, we’ve introduced the testimonials. This is a perfect example of an about us section, without it being an about us section.

This is your chance to stand out by composing a compelling piece of writing, encouraging people to trust you and get in touch. Take it seriously; many underestimate the power of the About Us page.

Let us know how we can help.

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