How to get the most out of call to action button?

Where do you send people with your call to action button?

The main purpose of CTA button is to get visitors to do something, to complete a response – whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or filling in a contact form.

Although it’s an essential element of the homepage or about page, the CTA button on websites is often neglected. Moreover, the advantages of these buttons are oftentimes seen in the context of multi page websites.

However, how effective is a call to action on a one-page website?

You can make your call to action work for you – and here you can see how.

Bring focus to your website

If you are creative and smart, you will effectively place the essential information on one single page, but, if you don’t direct the focus of your visitors to what they need, they will leave.

As one-page websites are excellent solutions to draw attention to one specific area of your business, with effective and creative CTA button you can further encourage users to act, guiding them in the right direction.

That’s why you need an effective CTA button – to help them to focus on what is relevant for your business. Visitors are here to perform a certain action, and you need to make sure they can find what they need.

Direct your users to perform an action

CTA buttons are created to catch users’ attention. Whether you want your visitors to sign up, click a link, read your blog post, or buy your product, you can effectively direct them to do so. However, before users are willing to act, they need to recognize the need.

An easy navigation of one-page websites is a great advantage, as users don’t have to scroll past tonnes of content or waste time with multi-level navigation menu.

Moreover, the visitors need to browse in a linear fashion which gives you control over the flow of information – another great advantage of one page websites that helps your direct your users to perform an action.

With CTA button, you can identify a problem a user might have and present a solution for it.

By answering what the users will get out of completing the call to action, you provide value to both your readers and your business.


While we can call any button that contains an invitation to perform an action a CTA button, the common mistake many website owners do is combining several activities within call to action on one page. However, this will not only confuse a visitor, but also decrease the conversion rate.

One of the rules of an effective CTA button is to keep it as simple as possible, and that’s precisely what a single page website can give you – a simple, yet effective call to action.

Moreover, the limited space of a single page plays to your advantage in numerous ways. It saves your visitors time by having all-important information in one place, providing an easy access to contact information, your product or service.

It’s no secret: a CTA button helps your page to convert, but only if you know how to use it effectively.

When creating our Word Press theme Candy Queen and Event html template we were focused on the important role of CTA button. If it’s done right, an effective call to action brings together best practice in usability, visual design and powerful copywriting. Both our designs were created to help you stand out by composing a creative call to action and engage your visitors.

With one-page website you can cleverly show your best and focus on what’s important, and with creative CTA, you can generate real measurable benefits.

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