15 Most Innovative Slogans In The Hotel Industry And Why We All Know Them

Let’s talk hotel branding for a second.

The truth about business world, any business world – is nothing but simple; apart from persistence, good investments, smart thinking and dedication, for a company to grab the spotlight it is essential it features an amazing advertisement backed up with an even more amazing slogan.

Without it, your business is lacking an image, identity, a strong impression and that much needed sharp market distinction which is a fundamental aspect of any brand’s flourishing.

If there is no slogan attached to your business image, setting you apart from your competition, how is one to memorize your brand?

Think about it.

How do I become visible?

The consumerist society brought a particular type of pressure upon us; the competition is strong, most marketing strategies are very well thought out and the arena of offers is getting bigger as we speak.

To stay visible, a business owner is under constant pressure to not only offer the best quality possible but be in the customer’s face with it non-stop. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time when he/she’ll get completely forgotten.

To stay successful and maintain the image you’ve been building, forget about what your mama taught you – it’s time you started tooting your own horn!

Can a bad slogan really destroy a business reputation?

It sure can. Anything that seems like you’ve been trying too hard or anything that’s too elaborate will definitely leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

Today, with the overexposure to numerous advertising messages each and every day, the shorter and focused your logo is, the bigger impact it will have on your potential customer. And this business slogan is extremely important not only because it will distinguish you from the competition, but because it will also affect and shape the consumers’ behavior, that is – if you’ve skillfully reached your target audience.

For you to avoid getting smashed by the competition and stay visible, we’re singling out fifteen of our favorite slogans in the hotel industry, highlighting the reasons they are as memorable as they are.

You Are Invited.
(The Inn at Red Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States)

We absolutely love this one! It’s simple, inviting, happy and aiming at anyone and everyone who is looking to feel welcomed and accepted. Simply wonderful.

Days Inn. There you go.
(Days Inn Hotels worldwide)

Yet another of our favorite slogans. The “there you go part” suggest “what more do you want, we are what you are looking for”, without being rude in any way. In fact, the humor of it is wonderful and won’t leave you without at least a happy smirk!

Who’s taking care of you?
(Sheraton Hotels (part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide))

Now this slogan is an epitome of brilliant. For anyone who is running a business that revolves around visitor’s comfort, it is essential for them to make the customer feel like all of their needs will be attended with care and enthusiasm – and this slogan promises it all!

Five-star quality in a hotel of four stars.
(Grand Hotel Bonavia, Croatia)

What was the first that you noticed about this particular slogan? The fact it’s a five star service or that it’s a four star hotel? The service part, of course! Whoever came up with the copy did it masterly – putting together words like “five-star” and “quality” together resonate with the promise of an amazing service, no doubt. If the slogan read “A four-star hotel with five-star quality”, you would probably pass on it, right?

Feel the Hyatt Touch
(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)

…because, obviously, that’s what you’ve been waiting for all along. As you can see, the key to successful advertising is in the simplicity and clarity of the message.

Hilton Garden Inn. Everything. Right where you need it
(Hilton Garden Inn hotel brand)

Hilton copywriters surely know what they are doing. The “everything” and “right where you need it” plays superbly with the visitor’s expectations! Honestly, why would you even consider going elsewhere if you’ve got “everything right where you need it”!

See what a difference a stay makes
(Embassy Suites Hotels)

Simple in expression and meaning, the slogan hits the core of hotel industry. It’s as if they are saying “We are what you need and you know it. Come see for yourself”. Amazing!

Live like a King.
(Drawbridge Inn Hotel, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky)

Aren’t we all yearning for a little bit of blue-blood-treatment? We sure are, and this hotel is offering it on a platter. Not sure if it’s a silver one, but it’s out there for us to use! What could have worked a bit better for this slogan, though is opting for a word “royalty” instead of “kind”. We wouldn’t want the ladies feeling rejected.

Great Location, Service and Stay.
(Kensington Court Ann Arbor)

The honesty of this ad is luminous. No sugarcoating, no nothing. The ad suggests “it is what it is, try it”. Pretty cool!

Get Further Away.
(Jackson Hole Resort)

This slogan may easily be one of our favorite ones! It hits right where it should – in a shattered soul of an overworked person who needs an off-switch from their everyday commitments and hopes for a little bit of heaven someplace far from their everyday life. Apparently, that piece of heaven is just a few miles away. Fantastic!

Lady’s First. Where lady’s at her best.
(Lady’s First design hotel for businesswomen, Zurich)

This slogan will definitely trigger that feeling of strength and power in all the women out there, and give them the comfort of feeling like their hard work has finally been recognized and rewarded. It’s sweet and respectful. Nice!

“Take Me To The Hilton”
(Hilton Hotel New York)

This slogan subliminally positions Hilton as the ultimate place where one wants to be. Brilliant.

Relax, it’s Holiday Inn.
(Holiday Inn Hotels)

Doesn’t this slogan make you just want to sit back, relax and not think about anything but enjoyment? Well, that was its purpose in the first place and it was remarkably achieved! This slogan is a perfect example of how to target your customer’s desires – play up to their needs and emotions!

We put a smile back on your face.
(Holiday Inn Hotels)

Are you smiling? ‘Cause we are! Here’s another brilliant slogan done for the Holiday Inn Hotels. Using words that suggest and evoke pleasant emotions like smile, laugh, happiness, joy, etc. is a pretty smart move as they have a direct impact on the reader and immediately trigger the emotions they mention.

Come In As Guests. Leave As Family.
(Hotel Villa Amarilla)

There’s nothing like family to keep you happy and fulfilled, right? The sense of stability, love and that amazing familiarity and comfort which come with a family will immediately make you want to stay in a villa that promises it.  Aiming for emotional reaction is definitely a 5 star approach to slogan-crafting!

Ametyst. I feel comfortable here.
(Hotel Ametyst, Praha)

Playing up the first person is an amazing marketing trick. That way, whoever is reading it, starts immediately identifying with it – the seeming “confession” is a perfect way to make the new visitor want to experience it firsthand. Good job!

From the examples above, you’ve probably gathered that there are few key tricks to creating taglines that will make your hospitality marketing campaigns pop.

Aiming for an emotional reaction, striving for meaning (not wit), staying away from being (too) generic, keeping it short, sticking to your target audience and, obviously, always making it about the customer, are the tricks you immediately need to adopt in order to come up with a memorable brand tag.

You’ve seen best practices when it comes to copy, but you should match your copy with eye-catching design to make your brand memorable. Here’s a template for a friendly animal hotel you can use to create your own business, or a Zen template to jumpstart your hotel business.

Which one of the copy’s we’ve listed do you like most? Have you got any of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Great Websites To Find Free Images For Your Site

Why is it so hard to find high quality free stock photos?

It can be a ridiculous hassle searching for free images. But it’s crucial, as even if you have the greatest content on the web, it’s highly probable no one will read unless you make it more interesting with images. The plain text isn’t attention grabbing, but you can change that adding some beautiful, funny or thought-provoking images.

So where can you find good images?

There are platforms and sites that have databases of free stock images and we bring you our favorite eight ones.


DeviantArt is an ever growing community of photographers and artists sharing their work, with over 30 million registered users. There are a lot of stock images to choose from and some really good quality illustrations and art as well. Most artists will let you use their images if you credit them.

Wikimedia Commons

This is an online database of all types of freely usable media files that anyone can contribute to. Right now it has close to 30 million free files including images, sounds and videos.

You can do a search by topic, location, type, source or author. Their ‘animals’ category is especially great, perfect for a website about pets.

Getty Images

This is an oldie but a goodie, and probably one of the best and largest free images databases on the internet. They continually upload a huge amount of images, something close to forty million a month, which gives you plenty to choose from.

They make it very easy to upload these images to your website as well. All you have to do is find your image of choice, click on the icon and paste the code onto your page and voila!


Flickr is a social network of professional photographers and aspiring professional photographers so it really stands out by high quality of photos. You have to register for the website to use it, and then you can share, save and edit photos, as well as comment and send messages to other users.

Not all images are readily shared but most are if you link the image to the author. Not too much hassle for high quality.


Pexels is a website that has put many other free stock image sites in one place so you basically search many databases by searching theirs. It is already very large and it keeps growing. The quality of images is also at a high level. It’s simple, easy and you get beautiful images for your website.

ISO Republic

In their own words, they provide high quality free photos for creatives, and this is very true. Their selection is modern and urban, and you can browse categories like urban street art, architecture and textures. For an even bigger selection, you can sign up and subscribe.

New Old Stock

This one is really special because it offers vintage black and white photos and you can’t find many of these online. They are collected from the public archives and are free of any known copyright restrictions.

Black and white photos from olden times really bring magic and a different atmosphere to websites and are everyone’s favourite. We can only be thankful to New Old Stock for collecting them and giving them new life.

Free Images StockSnap.io

This websites had high quality stock photos and gives them in high resolution, which is not always the case with other databases.

Hundreds of hi-res images are added on a weekly basis and we promise you won’t find a bad picture even if you look for one. If you’re looking for atmospheric and colourful images, you are in the right place.

Let’s remember the basic: we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Good images call for our attention and we are likely to stay on a website and read it if we like the photos there. The online offer of free stock images is enormous and growing each day, so set your standards high, aim for beautiful and useful, and feel free to let us know how your website’s turned out!

Enjoy your image browsing!

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What Does The Color Of Your Website Say About Your Business?

Believe it or not, recent research has shown that customers take only 90 seconds to form their opinion about a product or a business and up to 90% of opinions are based on the color of the product only!

Color matters!

This fact speaks volumes about the importance of color in web design – color not only matters, it is essential.We need to give colors some thought and choose depending on the message we are trying to convey and the image we want to represent. Here is a quick color by color guide.

White is for cleanliness, health and openness

Even though white is usually used as a background color, it can be used as a dominant color as well and relay a sense of openness and freedom. There is simply space to breathe and it doesn’t tire your eyes.

It is not intrusive and we are likely to stay longer at sites that allow us to have some peace and space, without screaming for our attention. In a way, this is respectful towards the readers.

Many medical websites (hospitals, dentists, veterinarians etc.)  opt for having white as a predominant colour to present their practice. If this is your choice, read this text.

Black is for luxury

According to color psychology, black is reserved for hi-end luxury products. The darker the tones – the more elegant it is.

Black has the quality of something timeless, classic and expensive. It evokes the feelings of mystery, the unknown, of something sexy, glamorous and exclusive. Don’t go overboard with black though, as it may completely close your website and make it somber.

Grey is cool

There is something about grey that makes it look good in whatever way it is used. Grey websites are laid back and sophisticated. They don’t need to beg for attention because they are self-assured and provide quality, value and tradition. Grey is also a great background color and can be combined successfully with all other colors, especially with blue, teal and violet.

Blue means trustworthiness

Blue is the most popular color for websites and some of the heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter and PayPal are all blue. This is because blue is the color of trust and loyalty.

Blue also evokes feelings of peace, calm and compassion, and no wonder then it is the safest color to use in any design. Smart and reliable, it combines well with many colors too. There are many shades of blue, and the ones lighter, closer to white, evoke health as well, that’s why medical themed websites use light blue next to white as dominant colours.

Pink is girly

Pink is usually used on websites with female audience as it is considered an all-round girly color. Pink is lovey-dovey, romantic, but not too serious and heavy like red. A great example is our team Candy Queen.

It is lightweight, amusing, and stylish, but also protective and well-intentioned. It just tends to make everything lovely.

Red means business

Red is a no joke color and it loudly calls for attention and action. It signifies strength, determination and authority so it is often used for corporate sites like law firms and government pages.

However, it is also the color of passion, love and desire, especially when used in combination with black. There are many hues of red, and the darker you go in the spectrum, the more serious your website will look.

Orange brings life into the picture

Orange is a very bright color and it denotes playfulness, the joy of life, happiness and a good mood. It is often used for healthy lifestyle and food websites to promote the sense of joy and wellbeing.

Orange, being carefree, sociable and lively is guaranteed to bring vibrancy to your website. Take a look at our new template Paws and see why orange is the most purchased one. It can also be successfully used to stimulate appetites, so use this color wisely!

Yellow is happy!

Similarly to orange, yellow brings out joy, cheerfulness and a bright mood, since it is the color of sunlight.

If you have a predominantly yellow website, it will signify that you have strong opinions and are not afraid to express them, that you are self-confident and generally have a positive outlook on life. Yellow is usually used as a highlight color on darker toned websites and is rarely combined with white.

Green is relaxed

Like blue, green is very common on websites. It exudes the atmosphere of peace, calm, nature and renewal.

Green evokes the natural cycles of life and helps us feel relaxed and enjoy our viewing experience more. It is also not tiring for our eyes, which means we can spend longer amounts of time on green sites. Don’t trust us? Take a look at Zen.

Now that you know what messages these colors are sending out, do you find your website is in the colors that fit your personality, image and vision the best? Would you change anything and be willing to play and experiment?

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4 Rules Of Writing Website Copy

Only 20% of your readers will read your website copy.

They might think it is too long, they might lose interest while they’re reading it, or they just might not like your layout on the website.

Whatever it is, you need to make sure it doesn’t happen with your “money pages” a.k.a. your product page or your “request a free demo” page.

Concise, clear and effective web copy can make a world of difference when it comes to your website copy. The results of a good web copy is seen in raised visibility of your web site and increased attention of people who attend it.

Conversion rate is definitely the most valuable thing stemming from a quality web copy.

Although it seems simple, inadequate web copy can pose significant challenges and lead you to stray into the domain of over complicated and inefficient. However, if you follow these few simple rules you’ll stay on the path of good and effective web copy.

Don’t copy paste your catalogue

One of the initial mistakes related to early web copy is the fact that most of the companies would simple copy-paste their booklets, pamphlets and brochures resulting in content that was close packed and unintelligible. You don’t print your website, so why would you put the copy from a brochure on your website?

Good thing that comes with having a themed website is that there is no wiggle room when it comes to copy. For example, here’s our newest template:Paws

Friendly Paws template is perfect for website copy placement for pet shops

You can see it here  and if you have a need for a similar website theme, feel free to use this as a perfect layout, we’ve tested it.

Read More…

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