Why use Candy Queen if You are a Business Oriented Towards Women

Owning a business, being your own boss, pulling all the shots yourself and being amazingly successful is virtually every person’s dream – and to think you are living this dream is beyond awe-inspiring! But you need to know your customers and if your customers are women, then you need to read this article.

In this post, we want to focus on something that will help you increase your business success even further. It’s helped us and we are sure it will help you, that is – if your business has a womanly touch to it.

You (just as we all do) know that even though you are finally in charge of your business successes, you are still expected to be a magician who profitably runs a company and take care of the family with the same commitment and passion. It’s hard, it’s definitely hard but with the help of good people and quality people in both your business and home, it is possible to have it all!

Why does my business need a gender specific internet presentation?

Becoming the talk of the internet, at least in the sphere your business is in, requires a few smart moves, one of which is definitely your web appearance.

The way you organize your web site, the theme you use as well as the approach you have to the viewers can either make or break your business, internet-wise. With the hectic lives we live, it’s important to be concise, visually tempting and easy to reach. While your regular customers know where you are and what you’ve got to offer, you can’t rely on word of mouth marketing only. Like it or not, to succeed, you need to have that in-your-face approach, particularly on the internet. To address those needs, we created Candy Queen.

What is this Candy Queen theme and why should I want it?

Whether you are a hair salon, boutique, beauty parlour, massage chain, stylist, florist design studio, pastry expert, chef, party/wedding planner or any other chic and womanly/girly business, this WordPress theme is the way to go.

Many have discovered it by browsing through other Themeforest themes when a friend of a friend of a friend told them about how amazing design solutions can be found there. Guess what? They weren’t wrong!

The reason why we are still head over heels with this theme is because it is sophisticated, chic, happy and easy to use and navigate. It oozes the sophistication every serious business must possess while at the same time keeping the overall vibe subtle, girly and effective.

You can preview it here

Remember this – the more simple a design is, the more people it’ll attract.

Nobody wants to get caught up in millions of button-and-navigation directions when they can get all the information needed quickly and with just a few clicks. Now, don’t think a simple theme is a boring one, far from it! Take a look at the Candy Queen preview and you’ll see what we mean.

Ok, I see why it’s awesome – but do I have to go pink?

Not all girls/women love pink, understandably; not everyone associates feminine vibes with shades of this color, either. This is why we made it super easy for the owner of the theme to customize it and add a personal touch to the color choice – they have 3 color schemes prepared, but the layered PSD files, including PSD files of sprites, and SASS files provided allow for modifications and customizations after your own sensibility and likeness. We’ve linked the theme options HERE, so don’t be lazy and take a look to get more information.

Is presentation more important than content itself?

We want to say “no” but we are leaning towards “yes”. Let’s say both matter equally but have in mind that we are all visual creatures and the pressure of our lives doesn’t really give us much time to read through lengthy posts describing a business. You need a presentation that’s simple, clean, to the point but at the same time interesting, provoking and cheerful. Take it like this: first impressions in real life are equivalent to presentations on the internet. Just as the way you are dressed and the way you shake your business partner’s hand will tell much about you and your business, so will your web presentation (to the visitor): it’s what makes the visitor decide whether or not to consume the content in the first place.

Here’s our advice

Depending on the way you are running your business as well as the style you want to pin to it, the theme you chose for your web presentation will determine the future of your internet presence. If you like Candy Queen, you can purchase it here.

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What Does The Color Of Your Website Say About Your Business?

Believe it or not, recent research has shown that customers take only 90 seconds to form their opinion about a product or a business and up to 90% of opinions are based on the color of the product only!

Color matters!

This fact speaks volumes about the importance of color in web design – color not only matters, it is essential.We need to give colors some thought and choose depending on the message we are trying to convey and the image we want to represent. Here is a quick color by color guide.

White is for cleanliness, health and openness

Even though white is usually used as a background color, it can be used as a dominant color as well and relay a sense of openness and freedom. There is simply space to breathe and it doesn’t tire your eyes.

It is not intrusive and we are likely to stay longer at sites that allow us to have some peace and space, without screaming for our attention. In a way, this is respectful towards the readers.

Many medical websites (hospitals, dentists, veterinarians etc.)  opt for having white as a predominant colour to present their practice. If this is your choice, read this text.

Black is for luxury

According to color psychology, black is reserved for hi-end luxury products. The darker the tones – the more elegant it is.

Black has the quality of something timeless, classic and expensive. It evokes the feelings of mystery, the unknown, of something sexy, glamorous and exclusive. Don’t go overboard with black though, as it may completely close your website and make it somber.

Grey is cool

There is something about grey that makes it look good in whatever way it is used. Grey websites are laid back and sophisticated. They don’t need to beg for attention because they are self-assured and provide quality, value and tradition. Grey is also a great background color and can be combined successfully with all other colors, especially with blue, teal and violet.

Blue means trustworthiness

Blue is the most popular color for websites and some of the heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter and PayPal are all blue. This is because blue is the color of trust and loyalty.

Blue also evokes feelings of peace, calm and compassion, and no wonder then it is the safest color to use in any design. Smart and reliable, it combines well with many colors too. There are many shades of blue, and the ones lighter, closer to white, evoke health as well, that’s why medical themed websites use light blue next to white as dominant colours.

Pink is girly

Pink is usually used on websites with female audience as it is considered an all-round girly color. Pink is lovey-dovey, romantic, but not too serious and heavy like red. A great example is our team Candy Queen.

It is lightweight, amusing, and stylish, but also protective and well-intentioned. It just tends to make everything lovely.

Red means business

Red is a no joke color and it loudly calls for attention and action. It signifies strength, determination and authority so it is often used for corporate sites like law firms and government pages.

However, it is also the color of passion, love and desire, especially when used in combination with black. There are many hues of red, and the darker you go in the spectrum, the more serious your website will look.

Orange brings life into the picture

Orange is a very bright color and it denotes playfulness, the joy of life, happiness and a good mood. It is often used for healthy lifestyle and food websites to promote the sense of joy and wellbeing.

Orange, being carefree, sociable and lively is guaranteed to bring vibrancy to your website. Take a look at our new template Paws and see why orange is the most purchased one. It can also be successfully used to stimulate appetites, so use this color wisely!

Yellow is happy!

Similarly to orange, yellow brings out joy, cheerfulness and a bright mood, since it is the color of sunlight.

If you have a predominantly yellow website, it will signify that you have strong opinions and are not afraid to express them, that you are self-confident and generally have a positive outlook on life. Yellow is usually used as a highlight color on darker toned websites and is rarely combined with white.

Green is relaxed

Like blue, green is very common on websites. It exudes the atmosphere of peace, calm, nature and renewal.

Green evokes the natural cycles of life and helps us feel relaxed and enjoy our viewing experience more. It is also not tiring for our eyes, which means we can spend longer amounts of time on green sites. Don’t trust us? Take a look at Zen.

Now that you know what messages these colors are sending out, do you find your website is in the colors that fit your personality, image and vision the best? Would you change anything and be willing to play and experiment?

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Why are one-page websites popular option for small business? Our Experience.

For small businesses, websites can become their own worst enemies.

Why? Small business owners mistakenly believe that an extensive website, with robust navigation and overflowing image galleries, is deemed a necessity for their business.

With a little technical expertise, small business owners can build attractive websites; however, oftentimes those “attractive” websites have no unique visitors or quality content. It means they are doing it wrong, but this is correctable.

A growth in the popularity of one-page websites is seen within the past few years; moreover, well-known brands such as Hyundai and Sony adopted one-page websites for their particular promotions.

While one-page websites are simple and modern, offering engaging images and text that captivates the user, small businesses do have a choice that lies between a one-page website and the traditional multi-page website.

We wanted to help you to make your decision a bit easier by explaining how and why a one-page website can make or break the deal for your business. So here are how and why.

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Three Ages of Woman – Applied to WordPress Design

Modern study of brain demonstrates that females more actively use certain parts of brain, which influences their abilities, affinities and perception. Apart from biological determinants, specific cultural norms of a given society establish what is perceived as feminine, appropriate and utilitarian.

By understanding the conclusions of these disciplines we can obtain valuable insight into what females of different ages regard as preferable, favorable, receptive, positive, harmonic and useful.  This in turn can be applied to optimal selection when it comes to wordpress design.

What do women want?

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