Why are one-page websites popular option for small business? Our Experience.

For small businesses, websites can become their own worst enemies.

Why? Small business owners mistakenly believe that an extensive website, with robust navigation and overflowing image galleries, is deemed a necessity for their business.

With a little technical expertise, small business owners can build attractive websites; however, oftentimes those “attractive” websites have no unique visitors or quality content. It means they are doing it wrong, but this is correctable.

A growth in the popularity of one-page websites is seen within the past few years; moreover, well-known brands such as Hyundai and Sony adopted one-page websites for their particular promotions.

While one-page websites are simple and modern, offering engaging images and text that captivates the user, small businesses do have a choice that lies between a one-page website and the traditional multi-page website.

We wanted to help you to make your decision a bit easier by explaining how and why a one-page website can make or break the deal for your business. So here are how and why.

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Creating a Website for an event? Here’s what you need

One page, event themed websites are on the rise at the moment and for a good reason. They’re a fast, cool new way to promote events. It’s not a new idea to use one page HTML templates for any event, conference, camp, festival or any similar kind of happening. The templates used are quite simple for non-programmers to use and a great way to provide useful and clear information about your event, in a functional way. Here’s what’s important to know about them and what they offer in order to make an informed decision.


Here’s a very functional template we’ve used as an example:

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