Three Ages of Woman – Applied to WordPress Design

Modern study of brain demonstrates that females more actively use certain parts of brain, which influences their abilities, affinities and perception. Apart from biological determinants, specific cultural norms of a given society establish what is perceived as feminine, appropriate and utilitarian.

By understanding the conclusions of these disciplines we can obtain valuable insight into what females of different ages regard as preferable, favorable, receptive, positive, harmonic and useful.  This in turn can be applied to optimal selection when it comes to wordpress design.

What do women want?

What does this means specifically when you want to choose the best wordpress design for your web site?

Since females use more of left brain hemisphere, they are faster and more accurate at identifying emotions, better at use of language, not so good at navigation, and better at integrating analysis and intuitive thinking, for example.

Also, apart from biology, we should keep in mind cultural norms. Modern woman is preoccupied with responsibilities such as work, family, kids and house chores, which means – keep it simple. She won’t be bothered to go through complicated schematic of web site content. She will be more focused on functionality and straightforwardness. So scrap elaborate instructions, just explain it in simple way why your product will improve or ease certain aspect of her life or prove as a valuable tool or a gift to loved ones. It needs to be easy to navigate and to leave a good impression for recommendation to others. Focus on proper visual elements, useful content and authentic atmosphere is the key to an optimal wordpress design of your web site which women will appreciate.

Ergo, you should pay attention to some of the key aspects for improving the appeal of your web site for women:

  • Oval lines
  • Certain colors (mostly purple, white/silver as a background, pink and yellow)
  • Pictures (use of feminine imagery send a clear signal on what the site is about)
  • Word composition
  • The narrative (women prefer informal language in presentation)

In a nutshell

By analyzing key aspects and elements which are incorporated in websites that are identified as female oriented, you should bear in mind the following:

  • Adequate usage of white space. White background is suitable for pallet of lighter color nuances.
  • Appropriate images. Images that reflect feminine nature are more receptive to female audience.
  • Pure, bright and straightforward design elements. The devil is in the details, so pay attention to the lines, texture, colors, shape. Also, the important thing is to integrate them properly in the design lay out. You do not want your site to look disjointed or confusing. Connecting the elements and integrating them in a whole or groups will prove easier to navigate and get the point of the content.
  • Use of colors. Bright, suave colors should be your choice. Avoid black, brown or other heavy tones. You should not limit yourself to just one or two color, but rather three or four.

Age does matter

When it comes to age demographics among female, there are also several key points to observe if your goal is to attract female audience to your web site and leave a good impression.

If you’re a business woman, you will want to have a content explained in a straightforward manner but also the design has to be appealing to you, which means all the other enumerated esthetic rules on web design should apply. Younger girls will usually prefer entertainment when it comes to web sites. If you’re a florist for example, you’d like to see an image featuring a single product, i.e. a flower with high-resolution pictures & contrasting colors, with sufficient white background.

To have an effective website you need to pick the wordpress design that adheres to the rules mentioned above. You’ll find that Candy Queen represents perfect example of what a woman website should look like, and for a great price too!

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