The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Website Theme for Your Business

Nowadays most of business conversations start with “look me up at” and that’s fine. The internet’s made it possible for the information flow to be as accessible as we need it, with virtually all the needed and required data just a click away.

The exciting thing about a business presentation is that it allows your creativity to blossom through design and visuals that come with your business appearance. There are plenty of ways to channel and deliver your business data, yet one of the most commonly exercised one is through a website, and believe it or not, most often it’s a WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are so amazing that you can switch up the look and feel of your site easily, whether you are just tweaking your existing theme or you are in the mood for changing the look entirely.  In case you are wondering whether any of the design customizations will affect your content – it won’t – it just changes the way it looks on the page. Also, no matter what theme you use, the process of changing themes is always the same as is the way to create pages, widgets, posts, etc, or the way you manage your site.  These features and plenty others we’ll be discussing in depth are what makes WordPress a fantastic choice for most independent business owners over any other platform.

Here are some insights and answers to most commonly asked questions that will help you understand the way WordPress functions and will hopefully help you choose the right theme for you.

Do I have to pay for the theme?

If you are serious business, cheaping out on your theme is not the way to build your reputation. Still, the answer to your question is that there are both free and premium (paid) themes. So, if you are just starting out and your budget is thin, yes – you can start with a great free theme.

If you do have a budget (the themes, by the way, don’t even cost much, ours are less than 50$), we’d always recommend opting for the premium one as those are not only better design-wise but are also being kept up to date by a dedicated development team which deals with new WordPress core features, addresses security issues and manages other things ‘web’ that change over time. Look at it as an investment in your business, not a cost or a spread.

How do I know if the theme is good for me?

There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the right theme for your business:

Is the theme backed by a solid development team and does it have good support?

Most free themes have either an inconsistent support or they don’t offer support at all which is why the best way to start off a successful business is to purchase a premium theme. Developer street credit is easy to check in the About Us section. Also, make sure you do a search for reviews for the theme. Once you do, keep a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check the dates on the reviews as some of them may be REALLY outdated; due to a rather quick changes in themes and theme support reading anything older than the last 6 months or so has no point, really
  • Some reviews are by affiliates who get a commission if they write a super sparkly review on a theme
  • When you see too many of “this is my favorite theme” in a review section, be sure the comments are staged and the theme is probably garbage. Not necessarily though, but it’s something to watch out for
Does the theme provide good SEO options?

Everyone knows the way you do your SEO is pretty much a determinant how trending you are going to get on the internet. The reason we cheered you on for the premium theme is that most of them have excellent SEO options which are not only built in for you to use but are also ‘coded’ in such a way that the search engines find them easy to work with.

Does the theme look close to what you want your site to look like?

Buying a theme (or choosing a free one) just for the theme sake is wrong. You need to opt for a theme that will look like or at least be similar to the design you have envisioned for your business because additional customization to get it looking decent is going to do you no favour. So, make sure you check what customizations come with the theme by default; gathering all the information will help limit the extend work you’d potentially need to do on your theme. If, say, you opt for a theme that’s limited with regard to colors and fonts, you’ll be stuck without knowing how to use CSS (the ‘code’ used to style the site) or PHP (which ‘codes’ the functionality and the layouts and page templates, etc.). In cases where you are unsure if the theme you like is the right for you, ask the sales team to help out.

Is the cost in your price range?

Most high quality premium themes run in the range of $40 to $80 or even more. For a fully designed website, that’s not a lot.

Are the themes a one-time charge or are there annual renewal fees?

Annual commitment to a theme is not really an exciting choice, but they allow the developer to continue developing and supporting the product. We would advise against.

Is the theme ‘responsive’?

With most premium themes, built-in ‘responsive’ styling is pretty much a given since the explosive growth in the use of smart phones and tablets is ever-present. However, if there’s something you don’t understand about a theme, make sure you ask the salesperson.

Have you got any suggestions on the best themes?

Given that each client will have different requirements to consider, various themes are there for grabs. If you’ve read through the questions above, you’ll have a solid idea of the type of theme may be the best for you, but we do have some cool options as well.

If you have a female oriented business the best option is Candy Queen, and for a simple, yet elegant theme, take a look at Zen. Feel free to visit our profile on themeforest and check our recommendations and some template options as well.

WordPress really offers an amazing array of options and for everyone who is realistic about their “out of the box” engagement as well as about their technical skills, WordPress will have the best solutions with very little or no problems in the long run.

Did you know that WordPress 4.4 is out now? Read more about its cool innovations and must-have plugins.

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