8 Great Websites To Find Free Images For Your Site

Why is it so hard to find high quality free stock photos?

It can be a ridiculous hassle searching for free images. But it’s crucial, as even if you have the greatest content on the web, it’s highly probable no one will read unless you make it more interesting with images. The plain text isn’t attention grabbing, but you can change that adding some beautiful, funny or thought-provoking images.

So where can you find good images?

There are platforms and sites that have databases of free stock images and we bring you our favorite eight ones.


DeviantArt is an ever growing community of photographers and artists sharing their work, with over 30 million registered users. There are a lot of stock images to choose from and some really good quality illustrations and art as well. Most artists will let you use their images if you credit them.

Wikimedia Commons

This is an online database of all types of freely usable media files that anyone can contribute to. Right now it has close to 30 million free files including images, sounds and videos.

You can do a search by topic, location, type, source or author. Their ‘animals’ category is especially great, perfect for a website about pets.

Getty Images

This is an oldie but a goodie, and probably one of the best and largest free images databases on the internet. They continually upload a huge amount of images, something close to forty million a month, which gives you plenty to choose from.

They make it very easy to upload these images to your website as well. All you have to do is find your image of choice, click on the icon and paste the code onto your page and voila!


Flickr is a social network of professional photographers and aspiring professional photographers so it really stands out by high quality of photos. You have to register for the website to use it, and then you can share, save and edit photos, as well as comment and send messages to other users.

Not all images are readily shared but most are if you link the image to the author. Not too much hassle for high quality.


Pexels is a website that has put many other free stock image sites in one place so you basically search many databases by searching theirs. It is already very large and it keeps growing. The quality of images is also at a high level. It’s simple, easy and you get beautiful images for your website.

ISO Republic

In their own words, they provide high quality free photos for creatives, and this is very true. Their selection is modern and urban, and you can browse categories like urban street art, architecture and textures. For an even bigger selection, you can sign up and subscribe.

New Old Stock

This one is really special because it offers vintage black and white photos and you can’t find many of these online. They are collected from the public archives and are free of any known copyright restrictions.

Black and white photos from olden times really bring magic and a different atmosphere to websites and are everyone’s favourite. We can only be thankful to New Old Stock for collecting them and giving them new life.

Free Images StockSnap.io

This websites had high quality stock photos and gives them in high resolution, which is not always the case with other databases.

Hundreds of hi-res images are added on a weekly basis and we promise you won’t find a bad picture even if you look for one. If you’re looking for atmospheric and colourful images, you are in the right place.

Let’s remember the basic: we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Good images call for our attention and we are likely to stay on a website and read it if we like the photos there. The online offer of free stock images is enormous and growing each day, so set your standards high, aim for beautiful and useful, and feel free to let us know how your website’s turned out!

Enjoy your image browsing!

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