Why WordPress for your one-page website?

WordPress is likely the first platform to look to when considering a website, as it is, after all, the most popular content management system (CMS).

But people still make mistakes of classifying WordPress as just a blogging platform, although the platform evolved into a versatile CMS, easy to use and flexible enough for anyone to either create non-blog websites, powerful websites and beautiful single page websites.

However, beginners might ask – Why should I use WordPress? or, Why should I switch to WordPress?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re at the right place as we have compiled a few reasons why you should use WordPress for your one-page website.

WordPress is a simple CMS

What does simple mean?

WordPress powers 24.2% of all websites on the internet, including many of the top world brands. Nevertheless, the platform is also a game changing technology for small and one-page websites.

Without ever writing any PHP, HTML or JavaScript code, you can manage your website with a simple graphic user interface. As it’s a simple platform, non-technical people can easily update and contribute to their websites.

You have control of your website.

Due to its robust features, you can easily add social profiles, create website layout, add blog, upload images, write pages, and more. No more waiting for a web designer to do simple updates. With WordPress, you can also easily make simple updates yourself. Doing all this from a static website can be quite difficult.

Moreover, WordPress has a built-in updating mechanism. Finally, a large community of open-source developers around the world work on making the platform more powerful continually releasing updates to WordPress.

WordPress has built-in and ready to go blog

As it was originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress blogging capabilities are easy to integrate and simple to set up. Your website is more dynamic and interactive as you can automatically add the most recent blog posts, easily set up RSS or email subscriptions, and more.

You can build better search positioning.

WordPress effectively enables two-way communication with visitors using blog comments. The advantage of two-way communication is that every times someone includes a keyword phrase in their comment, they help you position better within search results.

WordPress is Social Networking Friendly

Whether you need a one-page website for your conference or a small business, with WordPress you automatically integrate your blog posts with social media and get necessary brand exposure.

You can engage with visitors through different media.

WordPress is not limited to text; it has a built-in support to handle audio and video content and images. You can allow participants to interact and engage through Instagram photos, Tweets, and SoundCloud audio, and YouTube videos, for instance.

Being present at social media today is as important as having a good website, and WordPress makes it easy for anyone to automate social media tasks offering quality content and bringing users to the website. Moreover, the advantage of being able to easily connect with your readers or visitors gives you a great opportunity to build an online community around your business, event or a project.

Through easy integration with different media content, you can build the site into an industry-specific authority, or you can simply allow you visitors to engage in various way. All this contributes to creating a strong brand identity.

The reason behind the immense popularity of WordPress stems from different quality features of the platform; all you need is to choose the right WordPress solution. Once you choose it, you can have your WordPress website set up with just a few clicks, in less than five minutes.

However, setting up a theme may take some time, but a good WordPress theme  can cover all advantages we wrote about in this post (we know, we’ve created it). This is a perfect example of why WordPress is the most popular content management platform.

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