Must-have WordPress Plug-ins for WordPress 4.4

Your future customer/user is a visual being, just like you are – and, no matter the offer you’ve got, if it doesn’t come with a stimulating design and lacks some of the most important functionalities, you’ll pretty much get nowhere. This is why, opting for the perfect internet tool to charm your visitors into staying is the key to success! WordPress is that one powerful tool that will help you create a website worthy of the customers’ attention and their further interest into your business offer.

Given that WordPress can’t really offer everything you’ve got planned out in your head, getting the right design you were after might pose as a bit challenging. When you think about it, though – the advantage of WordPress is that it comes with some unlimited plugins to extend and enhance the functionality of the website and help your site gain the popularity it needs.

As if WordPress wasn’t amazing as it is, the new even more awesome version of it came in WordPress 4.4 edition.

WordPress 4.4 brings a new default theme called Twenty Sixteen and it is described as “a modern take on a classic blog design.” Just like most themes nowadays, it was built to look great on any device which basically means it prides on flexible header, a fluid grid design, “fun” color schemes, etc.

What happens to be the first real big improvement is responsive imaging; with this new improvement, your engagement in having to make any modifications to your theme are reduced to a minimum as WordPress is now smarter at displaying appropriate image sizes on any device.

Another super exciting feature of the new WordPress is that embedding your posts on other WordPress sites is now possible, similarly like embedding most media content. All it takes is dropping the post’s URL into the editor and you’ll be immediately getting the embed preview (in Visual mode) all completed with the title, excerpt, site icon, featured image, and links for comments and sharing.

Nothing huge, but still significant – WordPress 4.4 has also introduced support for five new oEmbed providers: Reddit Comments, Cloudup, Speaker Deck, ReverbNation, and VideoPress. Pretty great, right?

Some of the under-the-hood improvements are also evident, such as:

REST API infrastructure: This one has been integrated into core, making it easy for developers to build and extend RESTful APIs on top of WordPress. Inclusion of core endpoints is envisioned for an upcoming release.

Term meta: Metadata is now supported by terms, just like posts. See add_term_meta(), get_term_meta(), and update_term_meta() to get more information.

Comment query improvements: Cache handling are now added to comment queries in order to improve performance. Crafting robust comment queries is now simpler due to new arguments in WP_Comment_Query.

Term, comment, and network objects: Interacting with networks, terms and comments is made more predictable and intuitive with the introduction of New WP_Term, WP_Comment, and WP_Network objects.

In a quick overview, we’ll touch upon the existing plugins of WordPress that you’ll definitely need:

Akismet: Allows for audience’s comments, but not just that – it successfully differentiates genuine and fake comments, which are pretty common these days. With this feature available, you can be sure that not just your content provides value to the reader.

Jetpack: Offers a wide range of features from user retention to security to content; further, it enables easy personalization of your website, adding themes and security logins implementation, managing the content and posts, analyzing performance of your blog and getting familiar with the user retention. You can disable the features which you don’t require to avoid the site becoming “too heavy”.

Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration: Simplifies the experience of keeping the backup of your website proper. The plug in helps backing up the data into a cloud, both manually and in a scheduled manner through just a single click.

Wordfence security: Safeguards your data form the prying eyes of the hackers, eliminates all malware and consequently and gradually speeds up your website. Premium services like Scheduled Scans, Country Blocking, and Password Auditing through the premium version of the plugin make the process even easier.

WooCommerce: A must-have plugin for everyone who is who is planning to make an e-commerce store. It provides some essential features like sales and review reports, PayPal integration, handy inventory management, easy submission of coupons, and shipping methods.

For all of you WordPress junkies, the even newer version 4.5 is scheduled for next year and is already in the works. We still don’t have a specified month for its release, but we’ll wait as long as we need!

We here at Mage Themes are dedicated to creating great themes for you. You can view them here. Looking forward to your feedback.

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